We the Wild Things | a novel

We the Wild Things | a novel

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This order is for a signed paperback copy of Brian McBride's latest release, We the Wild Things.

Peter is lost. The last time he felt found was when his mother was alive. Before bad things started to happen. Before hopping from foster home to foster home. But he has a plan. All he has to do is find Neverland - find his mother - and everything will be alright again. First, he has to get rid of his new foster family.

Ruth is tired. Tired of being left behind, the outcast, the misfit. Tired of the way people look at her out of the corners of their eyes. Tired of feeling like she doesn't belong. When Peter comes along, the stories he tells her seem too good to be true. But she's just desperate enough to listen.

William is scared. Scared of what would happen if his sister knew the truth. Scared he'll lose her, lose everything. Scared that, every time he closes his eyes, he'll see the face he just wants to forget. Then, along comes Peter. Peculiar, hopeful Peter with his promises of wonder and adventure and a magical place called Neverland. Will doesn't believe it, but when it comes to his sister, Ruth, he'll do anything.

Dark and surreal, Peter Pan meets Bridge to Terabithia in this young adult contemporary novel that explores the cavernous depths of family, pain, and learning to navigate a world where not all things are as they seem.

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