How long will it take for my order to ship?

Every order is thoughtfully and carefully packaged by hand by Brian himself. Please allow 3-5 business days during off-season and 4-7 business days during holiday season for your orders to ship, though we do try to have them out much sooner. (International orders may take 7-15 business days to ship.) When Brian is on vacation, shipping may be delayed by up to seven business days. However, notices will be posted when this occurs either on Irewolf's Instagram - @irewolfcandlesandcuriosities - or here on the website.

Does Irewolf ship internationally?

Irewolf does ship internationally! However, due to the cost of shipping/handling, the rates are higher than domestic rates. International Orders may take up to 7-15 business days to ship.

Does Irewolf accept returns?

Irewolf does not accept returns. If your item arrives damaged, please see the policy on Damaged Products.

What if my Curiosity Vial / Herbarium arrives broken?

If your Curiosity Vial or Herbariums arrives damaged, Irewolf will provide a complimentary replacement so long as supplies last. For all other damaged items, please see below.

What if my order arrives damaged?

Unfortunately, it's not unheard of for products sent via snail mail to arrive damaged. It's also not unheard of for mail carries to mishandle packages. Because of this, Irewolf is not liable for damages incurred in transit. We do our best to thoroughly package every shipment we send out. Once the package is shipped, it is the responsibility of the mail carrier. If your package appears that it has been mishandled, please file a claim with the USPS. However, we do understand that sometimes things happen, and we want to make sure all our customers get the most out of their experience. That being said, we will examine these situations on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at to request a review. Please provide a detailed description of the situation and photos if able. If you are approved for a replacement product, domestic shipping costs are waived. International shipping costs are split 50/50.

What if my order goes missing?

For packages stolen or lost in transit, please contact USPS directly. Due to the issues USPS is currently facing, there have been delays in delivery. At times, packages are even marked as delivered days before they're actually delivered. Please be patient in allowing adequate time for USPS to deliver your package. If you would like to take a more pro-active approach, you can file a claim with USPS using the package number with which you are provided on the date of shipment. Unfortunately, once packages are shipped, responsibility for that package has transferred to the USPS. We ask that you attempt to work with them first and foremost. However, Irewolf deeply values all of our customers and wants to ensure that you get the most out of your experience, so if you are having trouble with USPS, please contact us at

Does Irewolf do wholesale?

To inquire about wholesale opportunities, please contact Please include the name of your business, your location, your name and title, and the nature of the opportunity.

Does Irewolf accept commissions?

Irewolf is not accepting commission work at this time. For more information, please contact

What if my candle is defective?

Irewolf is not liable for any customer misuse of our candles or the consequences thereof. All of our candles are pre-packaged with warning labels instructing as to proper use and care. Please see the policy on Candle Care for further clarification. 

What are your candles made of?

All our candles are made with a all-natural and ethically produced soy wax. They are scented with candle-grade fragrance oils. 

Candle Care

We advise proper care when it comes to storing and using your new candles. Please keep candles out of reach of pets, children, or flammable items when lit. It is also important to keep burning candles on a heat-resistant surface as the bottom can get very hot. Never leave a burning candle unattended. To always have an even top, allow candle to burn until the top layer of wax is able to pool completely to the edges of the jar - about 1.5 hours. This prevents the tunnel-ing effect of the wax. Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4". Keep your candle stored out of direct sunlight to prevent the wax from melting and deforming.


For more information and further clarification on any of our policies, please contact us at