Crafting and curating timeless goods for the homeward spirit.

Founded by Brian McBride, author and entrepreneur, in the Spring of 2020, Irewolf started as a passion project - small batches of home-made all-natural soy candles sold directly through social media. But what began as a nothing more than a hobby soon took flight in a way that he never expected. With a unique blend of old world aesthetic and contemporary style, Irewolf exists simply to craft and curate timeless goods for the homemaker and the homestead.
Brian is the author of such award-winning Yong Adult novels as Love and the Sea and Everything in Between, Every Bright and Broken Thing, and Sons of Slaughter with many more stories to come. A professional multi-tasker, he is also a full-time banker, a church staff member, a freelance book designer, and a musician.
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