Titan | An Adventure Novel

Titan | An Adventure Novel

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The stunning sequel to Mammoth, Titan calls back to classic adventure tales like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider as it launches its heroes on a desperate quest for a lost legend and a costly truth.

In the wake of Apocalypse Island, the Jailbirds find themselves reeling from their loss as winter storms buffet the coast of Mammoth. A failed attempt to expose Orion Clark as the villain he is goes awry, and the Jailbirds are left defeated and desperate once more.

When news breaks of their father’s untimely death, Lydia inherits a mysterious family heirloom while Orion lets Reid in on the family business. A hidden letter from Tommy’s dead father turns up in the Highland home, and the Jailbirds embark on their most dangerous adventure yet. Sailing across the stormy Pacific with Reid and Orion in hot pursuit, they set a course for Peru where deadly revelations and rumors of an ancient curse await them. As a web of secrets that span centuries begins to unravel, everything the Jailbirds thought they knew about themselves is called into question.

A city plagued by a decades long war between the rich and the poor… A rainforest that harbors family secrets and deadly curses… A quest for a legend that just may be more fact than fiction… Adventure comes at a cost, and everyone will pay the price.

With a compelling, diverse cast of characters and a vividly immersive story world, Titan explores what it means to find our place in the world, and the secret, hidden places in our lives that drive and shape us.

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