Mammoth | An Adventure Novel
Mammoth | An Adventure Novel

Mammoth | An Adventure Novel

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Hardy Boys meets Indiana Jones in this new adventure novel.

After the death of his father, misfit and aspiring paleontologist Tommy Rhodes seeks refuge in the ramshackle lighthouse that stands guard over the city of Mammoth, Washington. Left in disarray by years of bad weather, it’s the perfect place for Tommy to hide from everything that’s gone wrong with his life – and to party with his band of friends, the Jailbirds – the only family he has left.

After a storm uncovers a secret hidden in the walls of the old lighthouse, Tommy unravels a mystery beyond his wildest dreams and the deadly conspiracy that surrounds it – and Tommy’s entire life seems tangled at the heart of it all.

Tommy and the Jailbirds – Jude, Maya, Mars, and newcomer Lydia – are thrust into the middle of a deadly hunt for the truth that will challenge their bond, uncover the secrets that lurk beneath the surface of Mammoth, and test just how far they’ll go to set things right.

With a rich and diverse cast of uniquely compelling characters, Mammoth’s “Jailbirds” prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they can hold their own against legendary ensembles like Outer Banks’ “Pogues” and The Grishaverse’s “Crows.”


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