Mossball Aquarium Kit

Mossball Aquarium Kit

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Adopt your own mossball pet today! These aquarium kits come complete with one 10oz vial, your choice of three different decorative stones ethically sourced from the jungles of Brazil, and one naturally grown Marimo moss ball.

Marimo Moss Guide

1) House your Mossball Aquarium in a cool location. Marimo thrive in indirect sunlight. 

2) Replace your Mossball's water every 2-4 weeks. To keep your Mossball kiddo healthy and to maintain its spherical shape, give him or her a gentle squeeze in the palm of your hand whenever you take them out to change their water.

3) Should your Mossball develop brown spots, have no fear! Add a pinch of salt to his water, as Marimo, harvested from the bottoms of lakes, thrive in brackish conditions. 

4) Name your Mossball companion and tag @irewolfco in those family photos!

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